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I’m Manish Tanwar from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Presently I’m working as Assistant Professor with one of the oldest and first private-non-university-campus Institution to enter MBA education, IMS, Bikaner. Recently I have started trying my hands on entrepreneurship and am trying to put all my four major academic degrees to a test... lol... interesting na... yoop... I have done 
  1. BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  2. MBA in Marketing and HR
  3. M Tech in Computer Science
  4. PhD in Marketing of Education Services
and still i find myself here setting up a new adventure ride 'Aditya Informatics and Research Centre'. Let's see how it develops and matures...
Now then, talking about past... I have worked with Rajasthan’s highest revenue generating College, ECB, Bikaner, and to start with as a marketing executive with National.
And talking about my life, atleast since i started taking some decisions it goes like this:
  • I have done B.E. in Electronics and Communication from B.E.C. Bagalkot, Karnataka, believe me it’s a heaven for students, I also had the previlige of staying at Pink House, I’m not sure if it is called by same name as yet.
  • I have also done M.B.A. in Marketing/HR from O.K.I.M., Kota, Rajasthan, India(yes it’s true OKIMites are Dynamite).
  • Then I tried my hands at M.Tech. in Computer Science from J.R.N. University, Udaipur, actually I always thought I was good at computers until I actually did M.Tech.... lol... believe me, playing games and patching some software is no way computing... i learned it the hard way... buy doing
  • Then I decided that enough is enough... now is the time to be called a Doctor... to be looked upon as a Dr. Manish Tanwar, and so I went on to get my Doctorate in Marketing from University of Bikaner.
By hobby I love creating things and doing different things myself (especially which I’m not supposed to do, or are not exactly my job... hahaha... update: I wrote this line some 4-5 years ago and how true was it, as is evident from my recent venture 'Aditya Informatics and Research Centre'... doing exactly what I'm not supposed to... lol...), they may be anything ranging from a carpentry, to plumbing, to electrical connections, fixing up my computer (though I don’t enjoy it so much but most of the time I’m doing this only)”. I also like testing software, whoa!, don’t get excited, I’m not talking about serious testing, I just like testing software from a user point of view, how friendly it is, how it operates, how can we better use it, how can(if possible) we reverse engineer its output(Yeah, I’m talking about output, because I’m a firm believer that if you can put a “Made in India” tag on an imported motherboard, or an Intel processor or anything you like then it becomes Indian, so there’s no fun reinventing the wheel, by going through all the coding and hard work in making a software or hardware coz all that matters, is your hand on “End Product”). I also enjoy working on flash and websites (html and am trying to work on ASP... update: i've dropped this experiment)(my no. 1 Favourite).
I like making fun of “self acclaimed specialists”, especially IT and programming. Because these cartoons don’t know a thing about IT, all they know, is COMPUTER is a device capable of handling millions of operations in a second, and IT is computerizing an organization’s database. Don’t worry, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I am a specialist at IT or programming, but then I don’t need to be one (not all of us are good at cricket, but we all can critically appraise cricket coaches, same is case with me), I may not be a specialist but I like making fool of “self acclaimed specialists”, mind you “self acclaimed specialists” and not true or real specialists. I really appreciate if someone is really talented or knows real stuff, as you get to learn from these people.
I also like Computer games, and mind you not those damn board games, but real computer games, games that thrash your graphics and processor and RAM to the limit, the games for which Computer is meant for. Board games can be played on those ages old Sega and media, 8 bit machines also, and if you are a real advanced board game specialist you could go in for 16 bit Sega... lol...
I also sketch a bit, actually used to sketch a bit, but since I entered real world I don’t really get any time off, and if do get some time I prefer newer hobbies of computer games, flash and websites.
Catch me here
Catch my latest venture here
Catch me on 77377*****(if its on...huhuhahaha)

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