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Continuing on the theme designed and developed by Rediffusion DY&R of ‘Express Yourself’ here are two more winners from Airtel. Once again AR Rahman is up to the task, and this first one being my favorite audio clip from Airtel and second one being most stimulating and touchy video from Airtel. Who says music is dying from India, its only that it has started coming in Ads instead of movies. Listen to KK in hamara bajaj(specially the second in the series), or this Airtel campaign and they are good to go in any country or era.

Two of the following ads have following messages:

Say yes, say no, say something, say nothing, Inspire, Conspire, Confess, Celebrate, Negotiate, Speak up, Speak out, be heard, Express yourself. Those little things that are always around us have been brought forward in this ad so beautifully. Its incredible and a pleasure to watch, what these great ad companies can do to an ad HAIL 'Rediffusion DY&R' for such great ads.

Two words can bring down an empire, one dream can change the world, one raised finger can break a billion hearts, two can win a world war, a whisper can inspire hope, a touch can instill faith, some voices can move a nation, some can dissolve boundaries, one act of defiance can spark a revolution, one hundred thousand candles can end a war, that’s the power of human expression. Express yourself. This is the message of this Airtel classic. Another winner by AR Rahman and Rediffusion DY&R for Airtel.

download the Airtel - Express yourself Ad Jingle by clicking here. Instructions: To download the file right click and select 'save target as' if you are using Internet Explorer and select 'Save link as' in Firefox

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