Double Clicking does not play mp3 (audio) file

Sometimes it happens that when you double click a music file (mp3, wma, or anything then it does not play, that is your default player does not auto launch on double clicking a file.
Two solutions are possible:
Solution 1: Start > Set Program Access and Defaults > Custom > Check Use my current media player > and uncheck The enable access to this program for Windows Media Player.
Solution 2: Disable DDE for all the file extension that are not playing one by one.
How to disable?
Open "My Computer", then click on "Tools", "Folder Options", Select "File Types", choose the extension that doesn't work when you double click, for example: MP3. Then click "Advanced" button below, or if you cant see it there click "Restore" button, and now that same button becomes "Advanced" button. Doulble click "Open" and uncheck the "Use DDE" box, click "OK", Double click "Play" and do the same (uncheck the "Use DDE" box, then click "OK"). Click "OK" again for "Edit File Type" window, then "Close" (in "Folder Options"). This will fix the problem.

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