double click does not open the drive

today a friend came up with a problem that i had witnessed a few months ago on the institutes computer. a problem related to the kind of problem that we face with the pen drive so often where double clicking does not open up the drive instead just opens up the option box to select what should be used to open this drive and blah blaahh blllaaahh.
Actually what happens is that there are smarter viruses that don't exactly perform a virus act but do some thing that is quite normal, like creating an autorun file, and file does not contain complete information so when a drive is double clicked it goes to the autorun file and does not get anything there and ultimately the drive does not open. here are a few tools that can recover a PC suffering from such problems.
just download and run'em, they'll take care of everything. any ONE should do the trick.
download 1
download 2
download 3
download 4
download 5

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