blured border using photoshop

Now use the Rectangular Marquee selection tool and make a selection around the whole picture, except the area that you want to blur. You will than see the marching ants will be displayed.
Rectangular Selection Tool
Now it is time to Feather and curve the selection. When you Feather it extends beyond the selection and gradually blurs the edge.
Left click the “Select” menu and move the mouse pointer to “Modify”. Move the mouse pointer to the “Feather…” command and Left click.
 Feather Command
A dialog box will be displayed. The Feather Radius is how far beyond the selection you want it to blur. For this tutorial, please enter 25 for the amount of pixels and Left click the “OK” button. Usually, a Feather Radius of 15-30 looks good.
Feather Radius
Currently you are telling Photoshop to blur everything inside the selection. We need to change that so it blurs outside the selection. Left click the “Select” menu and Left click the “Inverse” command. Photoshop Tip – You could also use the keyboard shortcut by holding down the “Shift” key on the keyboard and the “CTRL” key and pressing the “I” key. Release the “Shift” and “CTRL” key on the keyboard.
Inverse Command
You will see 2 sets of marching ants. Anything in between the 2 sets of marching ants will now be affected.
Inverse Selected
Press the “Delete” or “Del” key on the keyboard to blur the border. Use CTRL-“D” to deselect the selection. Here is our end result for the basic blurred border.
Blurred Border

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