batch install on eclair 2.1 and froyo 2.2

after a bit of googling i found this really cool method on xda to batch install apks on android device
color code
this is how your command prompt will look
these are the commands you need to input at your command prompt
commands you need to enter when you are replacing text in print.txt file(see screen shots for reference)

1. on your PC Open command prompt (CMD) and change directory to your apk folder(lets call it ext)
preferably keep it in C: coz its easy to reach there... coz then all you need to do is
c:\>cd ext
2. then when in apks your command promt will read c:\ext> and you should type following command
c:\ext>dir /s /b > print.txt
this will create a text file called print.txt in apks folder containing list of all apks, now minimize the command prompt
3. now do a simple replace of "C:\" in print.txt by pressing CTRL+H to "adb install -r c:\" (ignore double quotes)

4. next rename your print.txt as print.bat by simply entering
c:\apks>ren print.txt print.bat
now close the command prompt
5. go to adb shell on your PC's command prompt and enter following command
your command will show following success commands

thats it... all your apks will be installed in one go

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