System Analysis and Design

The Syllabus of System Analysis and Design opted as Major-Minor (Optional) for Rajasthan Technical University is as below

Overview of Information System Development: What is SAD – What system analysis is NOT – Responsibility for computer programming – Users – Business System Concepts – Information systems – Categories – System development strategies – SDLC, Structured analysis, Prototype – tools for system development. Managing Application Development: How system projects begun – Reasons for project proposals – sources of project requests – Methods of project review and selection – Preliminary Investigation.
Requirement Analysis: What is Requirement determination – Fact finding Techniques – interview, questionnaires, record review, and observation – tools for documenting procedures and decisions – Decision trees – Decision tables- Structured English. Structured Analysis: Concept and components – Data flow analysis – Data flow strategy – DFD’s- DFD Development and advantages – Data Dictionary – Why is data dictionary important Contents of data dictionary – recording of data descriptions.
Prototyping: Purpose – Rationale – Steps in prototype methods – Uses – Tools – Strategies.
Case Tools: Role and benefits – Categories – Components – Integration of Tools – Using Case Tools – Advantages, disadvantages of using case tools.
System Design: Software requirement specification – Objectives of design – Design specification and features – introduction to output, input, file, database design. Output Design: Objectives – types of output – Key output questions – presenting information – tabular, output, graphics, use of color – Design of printed output. Input Design: Objectives – capturing data – Guidelines – Design of source document – coding methods – input validation – Methods.
Quality Assurance, System Testing and Implementation: Levels – Testing verification, validation, certification – Testing strategies – Practices – Test data – Implementation review – System audit.

A compilation of 'to the point notes' for the subject System Analysis and Design of Rajasthan Technical University can be found on this blog

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