Responsibility for computer programming in System Analysis and Design(SAD)


Computer system development can be thought of as having two main components: system analysis and system design. In system analysis, emphasis is placed on understanding the details of an existing system, and one then proposes to design a new system based on the analysis findings. From a project perspective, the objectives are to determine the needs of a business, engineering or science project that requires a computer system and prepare a comprehensive design around these project needs.
Are Computer System Analysis and Design Necessary?
IT professionals can look at the computer hardware and determine if it will fit with the objectives of a job or task; they must determine if the computer hardware will be able to complete the job. Without the right hardware and software, a task or job may not be completed. The goal of computer system analysis and design is to look at the big picture. It will provide a way to examine the project and determine if and how it should be pursued.
Is the Computer Analysis Correct?
In order to determine whether an analysis is correct, one must address several issues. One must be able to explain whether the hardware has the sufficient power, speed and sophistication to complete the necessary tasks. One way to address this is to investigate the current hardware vs. software requirements.
If the current software runs adequately under the existing hardware, the analysis must show how changes to the hardware will affect or tax the current system.
On the other hand, if the current software does not run adequately, the analysis of the software changes must reflect how the project will be affected by the hardware.
Are the Computer Software Issues Well Defined?
A computer system will work with software. Consequently, the software issues, including the programs, and the dynamic nature of the interaction between software and hardware must be well understood.
Is the Computer Design Correct?
To properly complete a business, engineering or science task, the correct computer systems must be in place. After the analysis phase is complete, one must consider the computer systems that will be put in place.
The computer system must be fast and powerful in order to complete the tasks. The computer system must be an economical solution. An overly expensive computer system may drain the project of its cost effectiveness. One must be able to say whether the existing computer system will or will not be a solution to the project. Finally, because projects are not static, growth conditions must be built into the computer system to address future needs and still be functional.
Is the Project Well Defined?
The computer system that is to be put in place assumes that the project that it is designed to support is itself well defined. Without a correct understanding of the parameters of the project, without a well-designed project, the computer system analysis and design conclusions may themselves be faulty. The project itself must undergo an analysis and design phase to make it plausible. 

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