Activate DND(Do Not Disturb) on mobile numbers


the process to register for DND can get really taunting as all the parties involved except customer make money from these spam sms... In most cases this service does not work and fails to register the ‘do not disturb’ services.
One good thing about this heavily confusing procedure is that you can go and check status of your mobile number. That is if it is registered for DND or not. Click here to check your status 
If your number is not listed you must get it listed there. The best way is to send START 0 (i.e. START zero and not to be confused with alphabet O) to 1909 and once your number gets registered the unwanted messages and promotional calls will reduce (well it will not completely stop, but it will be very less, better than too many).
There is no fun trying to call and chat with a customer care executive and get the DND activated because they are extra talented at sucking last bit of patience from you so that you cut the phone and ultimately are not able to register the number for DND. Your number will be included in the NCPR database within 7 days of the registration of your request with the service provider.
Mind you some of the commands are freakingly confusing. Activate DND and De-activate DND. Remember you need to activate DND to stop getting commercial communications on your phone and de-activate DND to actual start receiving annoying ads, communications etc.
You may find following alternatives as useful, though my personal favorite is sending START 0 to 1909
  • You can register by Dialing 1909 or sending SMS to 1909.
  • Dial 1909 and go through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) or via customer care executive.
  • You can choose to fully block category (no calls and no SMS’s) or partially block category (No calls but SMS based on your preferences)
  • Once successfully registered you will get the SMS with unique registration number.
  • You can try using SMS by sending START 0 to 1909 to block all categories, or START {number} to 1909 to receive SMS from related services. ( Check related category listed below)
  • On success you will get an SMS to confirm the same. Once you send a confirmation via SMS the options are implemented.
Related Category
START 1” Banking/ Insurance / Financial products/Credit cards
START 2” Real Estate
START 3” Education
START 4” Health
START 5” Consumer goods and automobiles
START 6” Communication /Broadcasting / Entertainment /IT
START 7” Tourism and Leisure
Hope you successfully de-register from all the nonsense smses and calls and importantly in technical terms you successfully activate DND...

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