Paper I: Computer Fundamentals and PC Software - Computer Applications - B Com Part I Syllabus - Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner(MGSU, Bikaner)

Unit – I
Historic evolution of computers: Computer System concepts, capabilities and limitations, Types of computers: Analog, Digital, Hybrid, general purpose, special purpose, Micro, Mini, Mainframe, Super. Generations of Computers, Types of PC’s – Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop. Their Characteristics, Basic components of Computer System: CPU, Input/ Output and Memory: their functions and characteristics. Memory - RAM, ROM, EPROM, PROM and other types of Memories.
Unit – II
Keyboard, mouse, trackball, joystick, digitizing tablets, scanners, digital cameras, MICR, OCR, OMR, Bar code reader, Voice recognition, light pen, touch screen, output devices, Monitors – types of monitors – digital, analog and characteristics – size, resolution, refresh rate, dot pitch, video standard- VGA, SVGA, XGA, Printers – Daisy wwheel, Dot matrix, Inkjet, Laser, Line printer, plotter, sound card and speakers, various storage devices – Magnetic tape, magnetic disk, cartridge tape, hard disk device, floppy disk, optical disk – CD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, Zip drive.
Unit – III
MS Windows: Introduction to MS Windows, concept of GUI, windows explorer, control panel, asessories, running applications under MS Windows, advantages of Windows, limitations of  Windows, various versions of windows like (WIN 95, 98, WIN ME, 2000 and XP), Hardware requirements for windows XP.
Unit – IV
Worksheet MS Excel: Introduction to MS Excel, working with toolbars, Formatting, formulas, data management, graphs and charts, Macros, goal seek, pivot table, financial functions and other additional functions.
Unit – V

MS-Word: Introduction to MS Word, Standard toolbar, Word wrap, text formatting, paragraphs, applying effects to text, applying animation to text, MS Power point: introduction , power point slide creation, slide show, adding graphics, formatting, customizing, and printing.

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