Paper II: India’s Foreign Trade - B Com Part I Syllabus - Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner(MGSU, Bikaner)

Unit – I
Foreign trade of India – A general view. Volume – import and export trade, India’s position in world trade, Composition – import Composition, export Composition, direction – major trading partners of India in pre-independence and post-independence era, salient features, recent trends, problems, and future prospects of Indian Foreign Trade.
Unit – II
India’s Balance of trade and Balance of payment, Balance of trade – Meaning, kinds, effects, past and present position, causes and measures for correcting unfavorable Balance of trade. Balance of payment - meaning, characteristics, importance, Technique of Balance of payment, past and present position, dis-equilibrium in Balance of payment, causes and measures for correcting dis-equilibrium. Difference between Balance of trade and Balance of payment.
Unit – III
Export promotion in India – meaning, need and importance. Difficulties, problems and suggestions for Export promotion. Government efforts for Export promotion, constitution of enquiry committee, establishment of specialized organizations and public sector trading undertakings, institution for export finance and guarantee, establishment of advisory body, export incentives and other measures, achievement of Export promotion measures in India.
Unit – IV
Export-Import policy in India – Introduction, pre and post-independence commercial policy, Export-Import policies – main objectives, characteristics, and their evaluation, Export-Import Bank of India – objectives, organization, functions, progress, and evaluation.
Unit – V

Investment of Foreign Capital in India - meaning, characteristics, needs and sources of foreign capital, Investment in India. Multinational corporations and Indian economy - meaning, characteristics, causes of growth, positive and negative effects of MNC’s in India.

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