Paper II: Principles of Marketing - B Com Part II Syllabus - Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner(MGSU, Bikaner)

Unit – I
Introduction: Nature and scope of marketing, Importance of marketing, marketing concepts – traditional and modern, selling vs marketing, marketing mix.
Unit – II
Marketing environment: consumer behavior and Market segmentation: Nature, scope, and significance of consumer behavior, Market segmentation: Concept and importance, bases for Market segmentation.
Unit – III
Product: Concept of Product, consumer and industrial goods, Product planning and development, Packaging: role and functions, brand and trademark, Product life cycle concept.
Unit – IV
Price: importance of Price in the marketing mix, factors affecting Price of a product/ service, discounts and rebates. Distribution channels and physical Distributions; Distribution channel: concept and role, types of Distribution channels, factors affecting choice of Distribution channel, retailer and wholesaler, Physical Distribution of goods, transportation, warehousing, inventory control, order processing.
Unit – V
Promotion: methods of Promotion, optimum Promotion mix, advertizing media, their relative merits and limitations, characteristics of an effective advertisement, personal selling, selling as a career, qualities of a successful sales person, functions of a salesman.

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