Install xexmenu on XBOX 360

1. Format the USB Device to FAT32 or exFat and connect your USB Device to your xbox and Configure this USB Device  to work with XBOX
2. After Completing Configuration Unplug your USB Device from Xbox and Put it to your PC
3. Open up USB XTAF Explorer
4. On USB XTAF Explorer click on FILE, Open First USB Device
5. Now there is a folder Named ‘DATA’ and another folder “0000000000000000” (16 zero’s) in it
6. Extact C0DE9999 folder from and drag it to “0000000000000000” (16 zero’s) in XTAF
7.Unplug USB drive and plug it into xbox and move the contents to HDD if  you wish or run it directly from the USB drive itself

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