Life sahi hai… tension nahi hai…

It’s been long since I shared my real ‘Gyaan’. But recently I had too many encounters with the entertainment industry of modern days that forced me out of my shell. Of course I’ve been a bit late to actually come across all these and share them, but these have been such that just don’t let me leave them go unexpressed. A major reason being all four came from ends where they were least expected.
To start with it was ‘D. K. Bose’, God only knows what was so special in it, may be the music, may be the lyrics, may be the disgust filled in it, the truth, the nightmare, the composition as a whole, probably the pace or even the ease with which it has been rendered by Ram Sampath. Definitely it was not the video or the movie cuz I haven’t seen either of them as yet. Yes I have definitely seen the video they’ve been airing as a promo or the one that is available on YouTube. Why did it come from a least expected avenue… cuz it had Aamir Khan’s nephew, Imran Khan… that is good enough a reason for a Shah Rukh Khan fan like me for not to like or even explore anything related to this movie. But still it happened, the very first time I heard this song on my headphones it was almost as if it was saying ‘here i am… rock you like a hurricane’. I immediately searched for the movie, pictures, info and again got struck by its main poster that was being used for promo and just felt real tied up as I have taken a break from sketching for now. The poster pulled me with immediate effect to do it. It had that attraction that very few pictures have created in me, literally of the league of Kalki sketches. The song triggered it all and I might have even gone on to do the sketch too but it was an encounter worth expressing. The complete compilation is magically powerful. Just loved it… hats-off.
Next one was with the movie ‘pyaar ka punchnama’. Don’t know why but I really hate these words like ‘punchnama’. I liked the song ‘life sahi hai’ from this movie even when i was not knowing that it was from this movie, for more than one reasons. One prime reason was KK, with second being Vishal Dadlani, and I know these two reasons are very much personal and lack objectivity, but to be true I’m a biiiiiiiiiig fan of these two… just love the power these two, along with recent singers from Pakistan like Atif can fill in a song. Also this song along with likes of ‘D. K. Bose’from Delhi Belly and ‘Hawa Hawai’ and ‘Khoya khoya chand’ from shaitan, and ‘phir mohobbat’ from Muder 2, are a welcome group of songs to break the shackles and open up the flood gates that have been jammed for quite some time courtesy munnni’ and sheela’ and a couple of big nonsense hits by Salmaan Khan (with exception to ‘hud dabbang’ a great redering by sukhwinder) that completely destroyed the fresh and scintillating musical journey that was kicked off by Mahesh Bhat, Imran Hashmi, Atif, Mustafa Zahid…
Anyhow first of all I liked this song ‘life sahi hai’ and was keen to watch this movie cuz the lyrics had something pulling me all the time. No one would believe they were exactly like my ‘summer of 69’ from bagalkot. But somehow I managed to miss the movie and forgot about it. Then one fine day while I was going through my favoritest kid’s collection of movies I found this silly movie and I thought why not give it a try. And to my shockingly freaking surprise the very first frame itself made it clear that it would be another ‘Rock on’ and ‘Dasvidaniya’ that I won’t be able to wind up in 10-15 minutes and trust me it was worth giving its full quota of two hours and thirty minutes.
The very first frame was reminisce of ‘Pink House, Bagalkot’. It literally gave goose bumps to feel like going 15 years back in a single frame. I could exactly relate to the way they would party all the time and go to the dhaba, with LIQUID doing netagiri at the dhaba having Choudhry with him to take care off… lol… it was like a sillier DMT from 15 years back doing all the netagiri in the world having Hiremath with him. I could easily connect all those three characters to so many of my friends and batch mates from bagalkot. Second instance that gave me real goose bumps was when Chaudhry at a bar sang‘summer of 69’, it just took me by storm, cuz it was the least expected song from a Pink Floyd fan.All this (especially chaudhry singing summer of 69) was almost as if someone was trying to take me to good old days when  apni toh geeta also used to be Floyd and metallica ki kahi. Chaudhry’s get-up at their room was exactly like pandat used to have in those days and the coolness and relaxed composition he used to have while dealing with life outside his room, whether it was giving a faintest of looks to the girls passing by while entering the pub in ‘life sahi hai’ or it was scaring the jerks away from the girl talking on mobile again in ‘life sahi hai’ or even the encounter with his girlfriend’s ex in the office, or handling all the trash that was created by his girlfriend’s friends at the birthday party. He was exactly like Rawal, calm, composed and always felt in control. Their lives, their talks, their masti, their running away from girls, everything was just too real to believe. Just enjoyed every single moment of the movie, it was almost a Rock-on that takes you to the flashback, where there’s youth and there’s tension nahi hai and there’s na kisi ka rona dhona, na koi siyaapa, har kisi ko taada, har kisi ko naapa, chichoristaan ke hum Chaudhry thay, life sahi thi, tension nahi thi.

These two encounters with entertainment industry were really worth it. And all those who have not seen these movies are recommended to go and grab a copy of these movies and watch ‘em… Rock on, dasvidaniya, pyaar ka punchnama. Hail contemporary writers and Hail modern day movie makers who have made these movies so much worth watching, making audience realize that there’s more to cinema than Amitabh bachchan going out and fighting for hours without causing any destruction to either himself or the other, just jumping like crazy and doing all the silly stunts in the world, that too in every second movie

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