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A movie that I saw sooo late that it was hard for the world to digest, I started feeling as if I had committed some crime and the whole world was against me for not watching Rock On, but finally in the end when I gathered courage to watch it, it was worth watching. Though it had nothing for me to feel that I’m enjoying the film, as I never actually felt that I should watch this shot again, watch this song again, or this was a WOW sequence, but then I never felt like turning it away, it had a kind of enticement that didn’t let me move away from a single shot or sequence in the movie. I usually run through a movie in 10-15 minutes and if it has a beautiful heroine like Asin or Hazel then it might take 20-25 minutes, but here was a movie that took my full 2 hours and 25 minutes and I actually kind of liked the presentation.
t'was a movie worth watching, the environment was too good, may it be Aditya’s house, his office, the band’s work place or the Joseph’s place... a perfectly presented idea.
It was a tough ask to decide what the movie was about, was it about youth, its struggle, its music, its friendship, its relationships, or its priorities. I would term it as a movie about all these... that were beautifully knit... the film was about young friends who had a passion and wanted to make a living out of their passion, but not everybody is blessed to follow his dreams and pursue a life of his choice. The circumstances unfold in a manner where one is forced to decide about the priorities and stayin alive, and people either move on or just wait their whole life for things to get right and end up losing it all in the process.
The film recalled few things and showed some very gentle and soft settings where one feels, it’s all about moving on. But then when you finally move on, it leaves a space that is hollow, shallow, unfulfilled, occupied by some dreams and hope... that it'll all be fine one day, coz a great actor in a Bollywood block buster said “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”. It is immaterial whether you move on or wait, those dreams become nightmares and keep haunting you until you revisit 'em and they're fulfilled. One of the four friends decided to stay back and fight while his life became living hell. The other three decided to 'move on' and were doing well in their life but still that empty space was not letting them enjoy the success, those nightmares were still haunting them after ten years, and life for them too was no different from heavenish hell.
All the characters in the movie had something to say, a dream to fulfill, and a space to fill. The wife seeing her husband singing with his band, flirting with a girl in his younger days, realizes the cause of emptiness in her married life and doesn’t just goes out crying, instead understands that anybody and everybody has a past, what matters IS the present and makes an effort to make him meet those he loved and enjoyed with, and wants him to do what he likes the most... sing. Another wife tries to help her husband get a hold of his life and come out of the trauma of missing his band and not being able to do what he always wann'ed to... she takes care of his family business, isn’t this what marriages are supposed to be. A person suffering from tumor, waiting for his death, living with a last hope that some day he’ll play with his band, is it that BIG a ask from life. A person overwhelmed to hear about a person who shares name and birth date with his best friend, isn’t this what friendship is all about. Friends part, love is lost and the girl gets married to a member of rival band, isn’t this what life is all about, compromises, finding happiness, looking at the remaining half glass, just move on, nobody’s indispensable, life goes on, it never stops.
All in all a very well presented issue, a very well presented idea, a thumbs up for Abhishek Kapoor for doing such a great job with story, screenplay and direction. Music of the film was superb, though it was a direct inspiration from English rock numbers with ‘socha hai kya tumne kabhi’, being a straight lift from ‘back to you’ by Bryan Adams, but still Shankar Ehsaan Loy deserve some credit to have recomposed it. The loop hole or the weak link of the movie was singing and lyrics, a movie revolving around music needs good music, good lyrics, and powerful singing, to make the compositions great. Farhaan’s voice is so weak, he can’t even talk properly and trying to sing, OK he did the slow number ‘tum ho toh’ well, but then anyone can sing those ones, even Jatin sung ‘rooth ke humse’ well in JJWS, but that din’ make him spoil other songs, Farhaan’s voice just doesn't has that energy, that power to shout and match a crowd 20-25 thousand fans. Anybody and everybody can sing Sonu and Shaan’s numbers, even i can, but it takes a real effort, a real singer to put his feet in AR Rehmaan, Sukhwinder or KK’s shoes, this was an album that could only have been served justice had it been done by KK. It is ridiculous for a person of Farhaan’s smartness, intelligence and knowledge to commit a blunder like Himesh Reshamiya. I mean I know how do I look, how do I sound, even a kid knows what it did in exams, and what are it’s strengths and weaknesses. How can these professionals not know where they stand, why do they all want to sing and show themselves on silver screen, why can’t they just do what they are good at and let the specialists do what they should.
Richard Marx’s number ‘keep coming back’ really sums up the movie well, “You know a place... buried deep in my heart, Nobody else can see, Something in you has taken some kind of hold on me, I don’t know why I keep coming back to you”. So simple and so true, you need to go back and fill in that space... that emptiness... before you can again be happy... and that’s what all the friends did... they got together for THAT ONE performance they missed and dream't off all their lives, and were all regretting for ten long years.
Rock on... Move on... there's nothin' left behind...

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