Flash OTA on HTC when TWRP creates problems

When you have a rooted HTC Desire 820(may be applicable for other HTC phones too) and you get an update notification, then it will lead to you getting stuck up at non-responsive TWRP.

After trying to apply OTA 10-15 times unsuccessfully I came across few mixed solutions adn finally worked out a working one for me... hope this helps you too...

1. First go about>>system updates and let the update file be downloaded
2. When the update is complete don't just flash it
3. Now go to the download folder on phone and extract the update file and you should see a file in the files extracted from
4. Extract the recovery.img from this firmware file and put it in phone
5. Install Flashify from playstore and go to install recovery option and install the recovery.img that you just pasted in phone in step 4.
6. Flashify will install the default recovery of HTC and that too without reboot
7. Now again to to About>> System update on phone and check for updates... you should see a message that update is ready to be installed...
8. Now go ahead and install the update... you're good to go...
9. In case you lose root... then again flash TWRP and SuperSU as you did it first time...

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