Toilet Man

here come's the much anticipated 'the toilet man', lolzzz........ actually i downloaded a few pics from lacoste and a few other jeans wear, and have been wanting to do them so desperately, but have been too afraid by the feeling of not being able to do justice to them, coz those pictures are really nice and really tough ones i guess, this was the only easy one, and in fact was clean and green, the lil' bridge, grass at far end, rocks and the plants in the middle section along with their shadows shaped up well, and yeas this sketch is the first time i used charcoal to add some flavor to the end product................ see his hair, they're carrying charcoal, right now i'm a bit afraid to go in for full fedged charcoal, coz i've messed a couple prior to this attempt........... anyhow a kool setting, atleast one where everybody including aditya and pooja who have seen or talked about this with me have had a smile of disgust and have said ki "aur kuch nahi mila tha kya?".........

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