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This is Manish Tanwar here from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Presently, for a living I’m working as Professor with one of the oldest and first private-non-university-campus Institution in Management, Institute of Management Studies, Bikaner. Recently I have started trying my hands on entrepreneurship and am trying to put all that I have learnt in my life, cuz I once heard… if you could make money with your hobbies, then there’s no better way to enjoy this beautiful life that we have been blessed with…
Academically I have studied
1. Engineering at graduate level in Electronics and Communication Engineering
2. Management at post graduate level in Marketing and HR
3. Engineering again at post graduate level, but this time in Computer Science
4. Doctorate Marketing
5. Jain Religion at Master’s Level
6. Commerce at Master’s Level
7. Economics at Master’s Level
8. Philosophy at Master’s Level
9. Gandhi at Master’s Level
For hobby/interest/spiritualism I studied and still am studying
1. Tarot
2. Astrology
3. Jainism
Two of the ventures I’m involved in right now are Aditya Informatics and Research Center and this website here. Another one is in pipeline and would update this place if it materializes.
Now then, talking about past… I will avoid using the sophisticated language and tell the truth… ‘I have sold Air Conditioners in past’ but din’ like it and so tried my hands at academics… started my academic career with Engineering College Bikaner… and here I’m now… with over eleven years in Academic teaching…
By hobby I love creating things and doing different things (especially which I’m not supposed to do, or are not exactly my job), they may be anything ranging from carpentry, to plumbing, to electrical connections, to fixing up computer (though I don’t enjoy it so much but most of the time I used to be formatting my computer and with technological advancements these days formatting and tweaking my Samsung Galaxy S2Note, Note-2, Note-3, Note-4Note-5, Note-8, Note-9, Note 10… yeah… I’m proud of this demon, so I ‘INTENTIONALLY’ quoted it)
I hate ‘self acclaimed specialists’, especially from IT and programming. Because these cartoons don’t know a thing about it… all they know, is COMPUTER is a device capable of handling millions of operations in a second, and IT is computerizing an organization’s database. Don’t worry, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I am a specialist at IT or programming, but then I don’t need to be one (not all of us are good at cricket, but we all can critically appraise cricket coaches).
I really appreciate if someone is really talented or knows real stuff, as you get to learn from these people. I also (used to) like Computer games, and mind you not those damn board games, but real computer games, games that thrash your graphics and processor and RAM to the limit, the games for which Computer is meant for. Board games can be played on those ages old Sega and media, 8 bit machines also, and if you are a real advanced board game specialist you could go in for 16 bit Sega… lol…

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